Lighting Artist

Cary, North Carolina, United States


For over 25 years, Epic Games has been making award-winning games and game engine technology that empowers others to make visually stunning games and 3D content that brings environments to life like never before. Epic’s award-winning Unreal Engine technology not only provides game developers the ability to build high-fidelity, interactive experiences for PC, console, mobile, and VR, it is also a tool being embraced by content creators across a variety of industries such as media and entertainment, automotive, and architectural design.  As we continue to build our Engine technology and develop remarkable games, we strive to build teams of world-class talent.

The Lighting Artist will contribute at all levels to the aesthetic and technical decisions related to the final look and development of in-game environments as well as real-time and pre-rendered cinematic productions.  They will be responsible for both generating and refining the color script and using lighting to contribute to the overall look and feel of all of our products.  This role will include knowledge of atmospherics, VFX, and a complete understanding of how lighting and post-process contribute to what the player or viewer is feeling.

 The person in this role will be responsible for the following:

  • Defining and preparing art assets for Epic's Game’s IP’s: images of assets, hero shots and key art for marketing campaigns

  • Owning the creation of images from start to finish, including, posing of characters, adjusting materials or effects, lighting the scene and all post work required

  • Ability and understanding of how to tune colors of VFX, reflectiveness of a surface material, scripting dynamic lighting properties and/or adjusting actual art assets to best suit the artistic vision, etc.

 The ideal candidate will have a mix of the qualifications below:

  • A strong aesthetic sense for lighting – what makes a beautiful image, how to support the mood of the gameplay and story, how to use light and shadow as compositional tools, and how to direct the player’s eye

  • Technical expertise in modern lighting tools – both high-end offline rendering techniques and ideally an understanding of in-engine toolsets

  • Experience tuning atmospherics for an environment (fog, basic particle systems or fog cards, etc.)

  • Experience tuning post process settings to enhance the lighting (bloom, iris, color look-up-tables, etc.)

  • Knowledge of shaders and VFX a plus

  • Knowledge of the Unreal Engine

  • Experience with modeling and texturing a plus

This is going to be Epic!