Senior Technical Artist

Cary, North Carolina, United States


For over 25 years, Epic Games has been making award winning games and game engine technology that empowers others to make visually stunning games and 3D content that brings environments to life like never before. Epic’s award-winning Unreal Engine technology not only provides game developers the ability to build high-fidelity, interactive experiences for PC, console, mobile, and VR, it is also a tool being embraced by content creators across a variety of industries such as media and entertainment, automotive, and architectural design.  As we continue to build our Engine technology and develop remarkable games, we strive to build teams of world-class talent.


We think of “Epic” as the collective effort of smart, talented, passionate people who are dedicated to building the highest quality experiences possible for our developer and player communities.  If you’d like to be part of something Epic while creating amazing games or incredible technology used across a multitude of industries, we’d love to hear from you!    


Epic Games is looking for an experienced Senior Technical Artist to work in our Cary, NC studio. Responsible for material creation for products to be released worldwide, the Senior Technical Artist will oversee technical aspects of the art pipeline between our offices in China and the U.S. This includes acting as communication conduit between U.S. and Chinese art teams.


The person in this role will be responsible for the following:

  • Engaging in all phases of development of projects including concept, production, and live updates in English and Mandarin language;
  • Providing guidance and leadership in every aspect of the content creation pipeline on a regular basis between our U.S. and Chinese art teams;
  • Finding/implementing efficiencies with customers, employees, and partners in both the U.S. and China;
  • Acting as liaison between Epic Games and key business partners in China interfacing with varying sizes of teams across the art, development, publishing, analytics, sales, and executive spectrum which requires use of highly technical and industry specific language in Mandarin;
  • Understanding the requirements and constraints of game design, engine, and platforms and providing training on these topics to art teams in China;
  • Leading efforts in material creation, including making materials for characters, environment assets, creating effects, and executing any overly complex technical duties utilizing software tools which interface in Mandarin, specifically 3ds Max, Maya, and Photoshop;
  • Overseeing integration of art assets created by the art teams in China into our commercially released video games to be released in China and Engine marketplace;
  • Executing level work and performing passes on levels where fog, lighting, color grading and features are tweaked and new features are added;
  • Initiating optimization processes by using diagnostic tools to examine current content and identifying areas for improvement;
  • Providing feedback to programmers and experimenting with features as they are added;
  • Resolving complex issues and helping other artists resolve technical hurdles; and,
  • Assisting and guiding external developers and artists.


The ideal candidate will meet the qualifications below:

  • 4 years of experience as a technical lead managing art asset integration into commercially released video games and working with AAA game engine technology creating and refining art assets and optimizing exterior/interior lighting and shading within a variety of environments;
  • At least 3 shipped titles which exhibit AAA game quality art;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Mandarin and English;
  • Ability to travel to China 35% or more as required.


To qualify applicants must submit a resume and must demonstrate technical art skills by submitting a portfolio which shows high quality, high-poly materials and effects with a strong sense of detailing, cinematography, and composition.  Candidates must pass background check and reference checks.


If you have excellent verbal and written communication skills in Mandarin, have a technical lead background, and are passionate about creating and delivering engaging visual materials and effects, we’d love to hear from you.


This is going to be Epic!