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Seoul, Korea, Republic of


For many, the word “Epic” is synonymous with grand, glorious, heroic, regal, magnificent or monumental. At Epic Games, we think of “Epic” as the collective effort of smart, talented, passionate people choosing to build the highest quality experiences possible for those who play our games and use our technology. The words “good enough” are not spoken here. That dedication has allowed us to remain an industry leader, take risks, be creative, and carve our own path forward.

Epic Games in Korea is looking for a a Game Service Project Manager.  This role will plan and execute in-game events in promotions while analyzing game metrics and heading risk management for Paragon game service.  

The person in this role will be responsible for the following:

  • Planning and executing  in-game events and promotions

  • Increasing retention of Korean Paragon players through events

  • Leading risk management on Paragon game service, especially with player sentiment

  • Analyzing game metrics

  • Communicating via official web page related with events

  • Planning and establishing service operation process and tools

The ideal candidate will have a mix of the qualifications below:

  • Strong written and verbal Korean communication

  • Experience working in a service PM role within the online game industry

  • Experience with online game launch preparation and live service operations

  • Demonstrated passion for video gaming

  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel

  • Deep understandings of MOBA (AOS) genre and F2P games

If you’d like to be part of operating Paragon in Korea we'd like to hear from you! Please submit your resume and we’ll be in touch soon.  

This is going to be Epic!  



  • 게임 내의 각종 지표 관리, 분석을 통한 현황 파악

  • 지표를 통한 게임 내 이벤트 및 프로모션 기획 및 실행 (이벤트 툴 운영 및 기획 )

  • 게임 내 지표를 통해 발생 가능한 문제 예측 및 사전 차단 방법 도출 (사업적 리스크 분석 관리)

  • 경쟁 게임들의 이벤트 및 프로모션 파악 및 대응 방안 기획


  • 대전게임 및 MOBA(AOS) 장르에 대한 깊은 이해와 플레이 경험

  • 4년 이상의 서비스 PM 혹은 게임마스터 업무 경험

  • PC 온라인 게임 런칭 경험자 및 라이브서비스 운영 경험

  • 열정있는 하드 코어 게이머 우대 (플랫폼 무관)

  • Tableau 및 Google Analytics 툴 경험자 우대

  • MS  엑셀 능숙자 우대