Player Support

Seoul, Korea, Republic of


For many, the word “Epic” is synonymous with grand, glorious, heroic, regal, magnificent or monumental. At Epic Games, we think of “Epic” as the collective effort of smart, talented, passionate people choosing to build the highest quality experiences possible for those who play our games and use our technology. The words “good enough” are not spoken here. That dedication has allowed us to remain an industry leader, take risks, be creative, and carve our own path forward.

Epic Games in Korea is looking for a Player Support Representative.  This role will organize and oversee the development of Epic Games Korea player support experience. This person will act as the voice of the player and share their comments in order to collaborate with internal developers and external vendors to solve any player pain points.

The person in this role will be responsible for the following:

  • Managing and maintaining the the overall quality of KR Paragon player support
  • Using both quantitative and qualitative information to understand how to increase support for Paragon players
  • Partnering with teams needed to make player support improvements
  • Collaborating with development teams to influence upcoming features to minimize player pain points
  • Leading third party vendors to ensure quality support is provided to players

The ideal candidate will have a mix of the qualifications below:

  • Minimum of 5 years related player support experience
  • Experience in managing 3rd party vendors is preferred
  • Experience in educating player support teams both internally and externally
  • Excellent verbal and written Korean skills 
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, or equivalent tools
  • Ability to handle player issues over a variety of channels
  • Willingness to learn English


  • 에픽게임즈의 신규 출시 게임타이틀에 대한 고객 서비스의 품질 관리
  • 고객 불만, 불편사항 정보 수집 및 통계 작성
  • 정량적, 정성적 지표를 참고하여 고객 서비스의 품질 향상, CS 툴 및 프로세스 개선 안 도출
  • 유관 부서 협업을 통해 출시 예정 기능 분석, 고객 불만 사항 예측 및 대응방안 수립
  • 외주 업체 관리 및 외주 업체 교육


  • 게임 업계에서 고객 서비스 관련 경험 5년 이상
  • 깔끔하고 전달력 있는 작문 능력 및 노련한 대인 관계 스킬 보유하신 분
  • 여러 채널을 통한 고객 대응 능력이 뛰어나신 분
  • 외주 업체 관리 경험이 있으신 분 우대
  • 연관 부서를 대상으로 한 고객 서비스 교육 경험이 있으신 분 우대

영어 능력을 향상시킬 의사가 있으신 분