Concept Artist

Shanghai, China


Would you like to work with a team that consistently ships innovative and multi-million unit selling games? Would you like to help define the visual style of our latest project?  If you answered yes to either of those questions then we would like to talk with you about joining our new team in Shanghai, China where everything we do is Epic!


Epic Games is looking for a Concept Artist to join our team working on various projects in development.  In this role you will work directly with the design department to create and quickly iterate on clean, purposeful shapes that look amazing.  You should have a combination of strong creative/visual aesthetics, excellent design skills, and a clear rendering style in designing both characters and environments.  You should be able to demonstrate that you can think outside the box and translate an awesome gameplay experience into an awesome visual experience as well as have experience creating photo realistic concept content.   



  • Experience designing slick, detailed, modern, forward looking characters
  • A mind for technical function and aesthetic pursuit with an ability to balance creativity with function
  • Ability to work within gameplay design restraints (environment scale, character abilities, prototype function, etc.) and translate those restrictions into visuals that enhance the experience
  • Experience creating mechanical designs
  • Ability to prototype in 3D, work directly with the 3D artists, and knowledge of 3D software
  • Strong traditional drawing skills and knowledge of the human anatomy
  • Strong understanding of color theory and how color affects mood & focal points
  • Excellent verbal, written, and visual communication skills 


Preference to applicants with

  • Experience with the Unreal Engine 








Epic Games正在寻找最有天赋的原画设计师来加入我们多个项目的开发。你将直接和策划部门一起工作,快速创建原型。你需要有非常强的创新性,优秀的快速设计技能,并能以渲染效果的风格绘制出角色或场景。除此之外,你还需要有将对于玩法的体验很好的体现在视觉设计风格中。



l  熟练设计细致的现代或幻想风格角色。

l  保持好技术限制和审美追求的平衡。

l  能在玩法设计的限制内进行艺术设计(场景尺寸,角色技能,原型功能等)。

l  有机械设计的经验。

l  有能力直接或与3D建模师一起设计3D原型。对3D软件有了解。

l  具有很强的对人体解剖学的理解并能进行绘制。

l  对色彩理论有很好的理解,并懂得色彩对情绪的影响。

l  优秀的表达能力及视觉沟通语言。

l  请递交一份英语版简历。