Environment Artist

Shanghai, China


Would you like to work with a team that consistently ships innovative and multi-million unit selling games? Would you like to help define the visual style of our latest project?  If you answered yes to either of those questions then we would like to talk with you about joining our new team in Shanghai, China where everything we do is Epic!

Epic Games is searching for highly talented and creative individuals to build some of the best looking environment assets in games today. Applicants will need to demonstrate a strong artistic ability, bringing with them good understanding of form, function, detail, the skill to interpret concept art; plus have the technical skills to bring their work to life in Unreal Engine 4. Artists are required to be versatile and build ideally both organic and hard surface assets.

  • Portfolio showing light, post process, and cohesive full scene construction skills
  • Portfolio pieces showing high-quality, high-poly environments, characters, or vehicles
  • Portfolio pieces showing sense of detailing
  • Ability to model clean seamless models from concept art
  • Self-driven, good communicator, and a great team-player

Preference to applicants with:

  • Familiarity with game development, art pipelines, and Unreal Engine technology
  • Shipped-title experience
  • Experience with 3d Studio Max & Zbrush
  • Traditional art background


Epic Games正在寻找一名极有天赋和创造力的场景设计师,熟练运用虚幻引擎,通过后期处理将原画的各种细节完美转换成高质量的次世代场景。

  • 作品要体现灯光、后期处理能力和整体场景的协调能力
  • 作品要体现高质量的次世代场景、角色或者载具
  • 作品能展现各种细节刻画能力
  • 能根据原画制作出没有接缝的模型
  • 积极向上,善于沟通,具有团队合作精神
  • 熟悉游戏开发、美术制作流程和虚幻引擎技术
  • 有发售游戏的制作经验
  • 有3DMAX和Zbrush的经验
  • 有传统艺术教育背景