FX Artist

Shanghai, China


For many, the word “Epic” is synonymous with grand, glorious, heroic, regal, magnificent or monumental. At Epic Games, we think of “Epic” as the collective effort of smart, talented, passionate people choosing to build the highest quality experiences possible for those who play our games and use our technology. The words “good enough” are not spoken here. That dedication has allowed us to remain an industry leader, take risks, be creative, and carve our own path forward.  

Epic Games is searching for an experienced FX Artist to collaborate with the art team of our new released MOBA game Paragon. In this role, you will create top-quality game effects in our game. 

The ideal candidate will have a mix of the qualifications below:

  • Must have a strong reel/portfolio showing executed game FX work
  • Ability to bring dramatic effects to life with flair
  • A critical eye for the timing, animation, and motion of real world objects and visual FX
  • Ability to create all art needed for the visual effects
  • Abilities in secondary areas such as modeling, skinning, animation, or lighting
  • Desire and knowledge of how to push our effects and editing tools further
  • Shipped titles within the game industry
  • Familiarity with the Unreal 4 Engine art pipeline
  • Experience working with multiple platforms memory limitations
  • Scripting experience 

If you’d like to be part of building a visually stunning game we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your resume with a portfolio and we’ll be in touch soon.  


This is going to be Epic!  





l  必须有一个非常棒的作品集,展示你的游戏中制作的特效。

l  有能力将戏剧化的特效赋予生命力。

l  对于真实世界中的物件及视觉特效的时间,动画,及动态有非常挑剔的眼光。

l  有能力制作所有美术所需的视觉特效。

l  同时也能做部分建模,绑定,动画或灯光等工作。

l  渴望对我们的编辑器或效果进行更好的改进。

l  有参与已上市/上线的游戏产品的经历。



l  熟悉虚幻4引擎的美术制作流程。

l  对于多平台的内存极限优化有经验。

l  编写脚本的经验。

l  请递交英文简历。谢谢。