Technical Artist - Developer Relations

Shanghai, China



For over 25 years, Epic Games has been making award winning games and game engine technology that empowers others to make visually stunning games and 3D content that brings environments to life like never before. Epic's award-winning Unreal Engine technology not only provides game developers the ability to build high-fidelity, interactive experiences for PC, console, mobile, and VR, it is also a tool being embraced by content creators across a variety of industries such as media and entertainment, automotive, and architectural design. As we continue to build our Engine technology and develop remarkable games, we strive to build teams of world-class talent.

Epic Games is looking for an experienced Technical Artist to provide clear, broad-level support of Unreal Engine to current and future Game Engine licensees.  Your primary goal would be to impart your skills to licensees who need to solve technical/artistic issues in their projects. You will be working with a team of artists located in Shanghai as well as with the development teams in the US. You should have a combination of strong creative/visual aesthetics and technical knowledge.  You should also be experienced in every aspect of the content creation pipeline, as well as be able to think outside the box to come up with techniques that work better or faster. Your goal will be to attack more complex issues, and to help the other artists with technical hurdles they might be having.

The person in this role will be responsible for the following:

  • Examine content based on all types of engine modules (model, texture, material, animation, VFX, lighting, level, postprocess and cinematic)
  • Create Key Content overly complex and technicalImprove visual quality
  • Optimise artist's workflow
  • Develop art tools
  • Optimise assets and content
  • Collect feedback and requests
  • Ability to solve tech art issues
  • Experience communicating on a technical level with programmers

The ideal candidate will have a mix of the qualifications below:

  • Proven track record for solving problems accurately and efficiently
  • Experience in all Unreal Engine 4 modules and features
  • Knowledge of all hardware and software platforms
  • Experience providing support, assistance, training or documentation to artists
  • Detail oriented with strong communication skills; both verbal and written
  • Extensive experience in performing various tech art related tasks
  • Shipped-game experience highly desirable
  • Experience with various software packages, including 3DsMax/Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush/Mudbox
  • Strong scripting and plug-in writing skills, Max Scripting and HLSL or shader programming experience or Python, C++ is a plus

This is going to be Epic!


在大众看来,“Epic” 这个词代表着伟大,光荣,英雄,帝王,杰出与不朽。而对 “Epic Games” 而言,“Epic” 就是将头脑聪明,才华横溢且充满激情的人召集起来,用我们的技术为游戏玩家创造绝佳的游戏体验。 我们从不认为已经“足够出色”,尽管一直都是行业翘楚,我们的奉献精神仍激励我们勇于冒险,不断创新,砥砺前行。

Epic Games 的企业应用团队诚招技术美术支持。如果你具备很强的执行力,能熟练使用虚幻引擎技术,并尤其擅长建筑可视化,动漫、电影和汽车设计,且乐于跟他人合作。赶紧加入我们吧!

  • 检查基于UE4引擎创建的各种内容(比如模型,贴图,材质,动画,特效,灯光,关卡,后期和过场动画等)
  • 创建复杂的具有技术性的关键性内容
  • 改进美术画面品质
  • 优化美术工作流程
  • 开发美术工具
  • 优化内容
  • 收集用户的反馈和需求
  • 解决技术美术相关问题
  • 与程序员进行技术层面沟通
  • 能够快速准确的解决各种问题
  • UE4各个模块和功能有经验
  • 对于不同的软硬件平台熟悉了解
  • 有给予美术制作人员技术上的支持和培训的经验
  • 可以流畅的通过口头和书面形式来表达和讨论技术细节内容
  • 对于各种技术美术相关的任务执行具有广泛的经验
  • 最好有已发布游戏的开发经验
  • 熟练各种工具,比如但不仅限于3ds Max/Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush/Mudbox等等
  • 具有脚本编写能力来写插件,shader等,比如Max Scripting, HLSL Python, C++经验更加