Technical Artist, UE Enterprise Support

Shanghai, China


For many, the word “Epic” is synonymous with grand, glorious, heroic, regal, magnificent or monumental. At Epic Games, we think of “Epic” as the collective effort of smart, talented, passionate people choosing to build the highest quality experiences possible for those who play our games and use our technology. The words “good enough” are not spoken here. That dedication has allowed us to remain an industry leader, take risks, be creative, and carve our own path forward.

Epic in Shanghai China is building a team of engineers and artists dedicated to growing the Unreal Engine’s Enterprise capabilities to continue our expansion in vertical’s outside the traditional games industry. In this role you will be a part of the Custom Engineering/Solutions team, working hand in hand with our Enterprise customers to utilize the engine for projects in film/FX/broadcast TV, automotive, architectural visualization, and more. 

The person in this role will be responsible for the following:

  • Working closely with clients to provide development support, troubleshooting and custom development
  • Understanding optimization challenges and having the ability to use and share techniques to overcome those challenges
  • Providing creative solutions, resolving technical challenges and enabling customers to achieve their goals
  • Identifying bottlenecks and limitations in the pipeline and tools and development
  • Documenting recommendations to improve limitations in pipeline and tools
  • Providing clear and constructive feedback to product management when identifying recurring needs
  • Problem solving

The ideal candidate will have a mix of the qualifications below:

  • Strong scripting and plug-in writing skillsand HLSL or shader programming experience or Python, C++ is a plus
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to interact with a variety of customers
  • Solid understanding of one or several components of Unreal Engine such as Material Editor and Shader, Blueprints, Animation, Scene Building, Sequencer, Lighting etc.
  • Continuously staying up to date on relevant technologies such as PBR and Photo-Realistic rendering, VR, Real Time Gaming, DCC Tools etc.
  • Knowledge of game engines ideally with another vertical (VR, Architecture, Engineering, Broadcasting, Manufacturing, TV or Film Production)
  • Willing to travel up to 15% of the time

If you’d like to be part of enabling Unreal Engine users to tell compelling stories and create unforgettable experiences while building the foundation of our team in China, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your resume and we’ll be in touch soon.  

This is going to be Epic!  

技术美术支持, 非游戏类企业应用




  • 与客户紧密的合作,提供开发支持,解决疑问以及定制开发
  • 了解优化的挑战,有能力使用和分享优化技术来帮助客户克服挑战
  • 提供创造性的解决方案来解决技术难题,帮助客户达成目标
  • 定位在开发流程和工具中的瓶颈和限制
  • 能够把改进流程和工具中这些局限的建议书面化
  • 向产品管理团队提供对于经常性需求的清晰和建设性的反馈
  • 解决问题


  • 具有较强使用使用脚本语言(如Python)写插件以及HLSLshader的能力,有C++编程经验更
  • 很强的口头和书面沟通能力
  • UE4各模块非常熟悉,比如材质,蓝图,动画,场景搭建,Sequencer,灯光等
  • 对于相关技术的始终关注和了解比如PBRPhoto-Realistic rendering, VR, Real Time Gaming, DCC 工具等
  • 对游戏引擎在非游戏领域的应用有经验更佳(比如VR,建筑,工程,电视,制造,电影,等等)
  • 愿意15%时间出差