Enterprise Evangelist - China

Shanghai, Shanghai, China


For many, the word “Epic” is synonymous with grand, glorious, heroic, regal, magnificent or monumental. At Epic Games, we think of “Epic” as the collective effort of smart, talented, passionate people choosing to build the highest quality experiences possible for those who play our games and use our technology. The words “good enough” are not spoken here. That dedication has allowed us to remain an industry leader, take risks, be creative, and carve our own path forward. 

Epic Games is looking for an Evangelist for our Enterprise team. If you consider yourself to be a high performing, proficient user of the Unreal Engine, especially in the businesses of architecture simulation, animation, movie, car design, etc. and you are passionate about working with others then we’d love to hear from you!

The person in this role will be responsible for the following:

  • Focus on working with the education community throughout China
  • Cultivating new relationships with educational institutions and maintaining existing relationships aimed at building Unreal Engine adoption
  • Cultivating new relationships with educators and maintaining existing relationships aimed at building Unreal Engine adoption in the classroom
  • Help as another internal point of contact and Unreal Engine trainer for educators and student
  • Assist in the development of Unreal Engine, Enterprise training content  

The ideal candidate will have a mix of the qualifications below:

  • High level of proficiency using and teaching Unreal Engine
  • A passion for technology and evangelism
  • A desire to explore and expand our Enterprise market
  • Strong writing skills
  • Strong verbal and presentation skills
  • Online instruction design skills are a plus
  • Experience with public speaking
  • Proactive, outgoing personality that feels comfortable in a customer-facing role

If you have a passion for evangelism, training and working with others, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your resume and we’ll be in touch soon.  

This is going to be Epic!  


Epic Games 的企业应用团队诚招一名布道师。如果你具备很强的执行力,能熟练使用虚幻引擎技术,并尤其擅长建筑可视化,动漫、电影和汽车设计,且乐于跟他人合作。赶紧加入我们吧!


  • 主要是同中国境内的教育社区合作
  • 拓宽或维护同教育机构的联系,构建虚幻引擎的应用生态
  • 培养或维系同教育工作者的关系,对虚幻引擎在课程中的教学构建良好基础
  • 作为内部联系人或虚幻引擎培训师,协助教育工作者或学生助理采用虚幻引擎开发项目
  • 协助制作企业在虚幻引擎开发项目时所需要的培训内容


  • 熟练使用并教授虚幻引擎
  • 热爱技术,乐于传授知识
  • 乐于开发或拓展企业用户市场
  • 具有较强的写作能力
  • 具有较强的口头表达技巧
  • 具有在线教学设计能力的优先考虑
  • 具有公共演讲的经验
  • 性格积极开放,面对客户轻松自然


快来成为 Epic 的一员吧!